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ePic Character Generator is not a game. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to create realistic character avatars in no time. You can simply choose what items to display on your character, save as an image on a preset or transparent background, and use it for anything you would like to. You don't have to worry about lighting or finding the right camera angles, as everything has been prerendered and post-worked for you, so creating characters is really just a matter of clicking some buttons! Using the Portrait package you can even create hand-drawn style images very easily.

The software is mainly used by role-players to illustrate their player and non-player characters, but don't have the resources to create or buy many unique characters that fit their needs. The option to save the images as tokens and cards simultaneously even reduces the work needed to use the pictures in a session moments after they've been created. The characters can be saved and loaded using our custom file format, which enables an easy way to manage character progression, as changing little details are quick and convenient.

The generated images can be used in commercial products as well. You may find card games, board games, and books illustrated with the images created by ePic Character Generator.

The software is free and comes with limited content. Using our Achievement system several packs can be unlocked for free, and if you like how the software works more packs can be purchased either separately, or in bundles for a discounted price. Unfortunately, DLCs are not supported on itch.io, so payment can only be made on our website by PayPal or credit card, on Steam or on Google Play.

If you experience any issues, bugs, or want to give feedback on ways to improve our software please comment on the forum below, visit our website, or send us an e-mail to support@epicgenerator.net!

By installing the software you accept our EULA. To get an instant answer to your questions you can also visit our FAQ.


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